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Adopt-A-Pilot — May 6, 2015


Today, my eager 5th graders had a wonderful opportunity with a pilot from the Adopt-A-Pilot Program to visit our class. Our pilot was a former USAF pilot who later retired after serving 21 years and eventually became  a pilot for Southwest Airlines. My students asked wonderful questions showing me that they were thinking well beyond their 11 years of life. Thank you Southwest Airlines for an inspirational day!!

Common Core….Friend or Foe? — April 22, 2015

Common Core….Friend or Foe?

Many parents are extremely frustrated with their children transitioning into Common Core at school. Levels of anxiety, confusion, and anger usually sets in when they see the math assignment that was given to their child. When their child asks for help the common response from the parent might be, “I didn’t learn this in school,” or “I can’t help you because it’s too hard for me to understand.”

The media has sent out many negative views about Common Core by using fancy jargon to confuse readers of what it really is. The bottom line is this: Common Core is to help students find the deeper meaning and understand the concept through critical thinking.  There are some students who can solve the algorithm for a problem, but cannot explain to you “why” their answer is correct or not.

Last year, my site (Title I School) implemented Common Core in math during the last trimester and a half of school.  At first, many of us were even confused in the purpose of some of the lessons that we presented to our students. I will be honest with you, some lessons required more than one day because of the high rigor that was required to master it. For my 5th graders it was difficult because they were being introduced to this new curriculum for the very first time. This school year, we have fully implemented it in math and I have seen very positive results in my class. Yes, the lessons can be confusing and lengthy, but many of the visual models that went along with the concepts was rewarding for all. My 5th graders from 3 years ago would’ve benefited from them…..some would’ve helped me when I was a 5th grader.

We’re all still in the works of understanding and developing curriculum to mirror the modified standards, but I truly believe we are headed into a positive direction