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Raising Awareness for ALL Babies — April 19, 2015

Raising Awareness for ALL Babies

Today, my family had a wonderful opportunity to walk in the March for Babies at the Northern CA event. Our son was able to reconnect with a baby who was born a day after him and whom he spent 2 months with in the same NICU room. In addition, many of the Northbay NICU nurses who took care of our son could see how much he’s grown up since the last NICU reunion that was  a year ago.

It was amazing to walk with fellow families who were supporting babies that were born early or passed away due to health issues. Our team was able to raise $605 from the support of friends and family members who’ve watched the journey that our son has made the last 19months.

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March For Babies Around the Corner — April 16, 2015

March For Babies Around the Corner

This weekend is the March for Babies event. I am excited to walk with my husband and our son. This event is near and dear to our heart because our son too was a preemie; born 11 weeks early. This will be a wonderful place to connect with other families who went through the same thing.

“Out of difficulties grow miracles” – Jean De La Breye re